Blue Magic: Flower Care & Handling


Snowball Oriental LilyRe-cut stems and place in fresh water with floral preservative.  Upon opening remove pollen to keep lilies clean and looking beautiful.  The best time for removing pollen is when the flowers are just opening and can be done using your hands or a scissor.


Hydrangea ButterflyWhenever possible use the water the hydrangeas were shipped in as it contains a floral preservative.  The preservative is called Flower Transport Conditioner.  It can be found in liquid and powder form at many floral supply stores.  This preservative is specially made for woody cut flowers such as Hydrangeas.  Prevent placing your cut Hydrangeas in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.  If the flowers go limp re-cut the stem and place in water wrapped in newspaper overnight as the flowers can bounce back.


Ilex VerticllataRe-cut stems and place in floral preservatives.  Ilex verticillata is a very hardy cut flower which can be used in and outdoors.  Prevent placing Ilex in drafty locations or close to heat sources as berries can dry out.


Viburnum SnowballRe-cut stem and place in floral preservative.  Make sure to remove the leaves that are in contact with the water as this can reduce vase life.